I've been coaching buyers for over 20 years through the house hunting, offer and inspection negotiations plus the closing paperwork process.

FREE Buyer Services I provide to you

  • Tour of houses   We can tour 1-10 houses in a row... saving you time by seeing all houses within a short period of time with me.  I am working for you so I don't care which house you buy.  You will know your home when you meet it. 

  • List of recent homes sold in the neighborhood so you can make an informed decision about what to offer.

  • Negotiations for price and terms of the purchase contract.  Terms can be what appliances stay, how inspections are handled, who pays next property taxes, who pays for title/deed costs, who pays financing costs, closing date, possession date, and so on.  I am on your side and will coach you through all of these negotiations.

  • Offer written on an up-to-date legal Indiana Realtors Association purchase contract with buyer protections!  Warning: seller contracts are written to protect the seller, NOT you.

  • Explanation of the different types of financing you may qualify for (Conventional, insured conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, etc.)  and tips on how to save money when getting a mortgage.

  • Guidance through the many steps between offer and closing... inspections, appraisal, survey, home insurance, utilities switch over, property taxes and more!

Why do this alone?  

Put my years of experience to work for you.