Elizabeth ... a House SOLD Name 

Like a Trusted Friend,

Helping You Every Step of the Way


I've been coaching my buyers and sellers for 20+ years.  Buying or selling a house is stressful.     Relax and put my experience to work for you.   

As a certified e-pro Internet Marketing Professional by the National Association of Realtors, I expertly use the internet to serve my buyers and sellers with the latest and best tools. 

Buyers: I will give you the facts so we can negotiate the best offer for you, plus I will coach you through inspections, financing and all the steps from offer to getting the key to your new home.

Sellers: Rest assured, your house will be well advertised.   I have my degree in marketing and know how to create an effective, targeted ad to reach today's internet buyers.   Better ads = more buyers = an offer!

Give me a call at 812-453-1042 or jot me an email  elizabeth@aHouseSold.com     I look forward to chatting with you!           Elizabeth Sankovitch reviews            I am passionate about saving money!

As a Mom with a Master's Degree in Business, I share all of my tips and tricks for saving money with my kids as well as my buyers and sellers as I guide them step by step through the maze of a real estate sale.  From  purchase contract negotiations to loan costs to property taxes, there are so many ways to save money... if you know how.

I will coach you to save money and avoid being ripped off by lenders, insurance companies or anyone else who wants to take your hard earned money.  As your Realtor, I am on your side.  New games are being created every day to trick you out of your money so I will keep you up-to-date with my newest tips.